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This week's most striking images, chosen by our creative editor.

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Locals watch as the Bobcat Fire burns on hillsides behind homes in Monrovia, California, on 15 September. A major fire raged outside Los Angeles for more than a week and threatened to engulf a historic observatory and billion-dollar broadcast towers as firefighters struggled to contain the flames. Photo by RINGO CHIU / AFP

Law enforcement officers detain a woman during the March of Heroes opposition event in Minsk, Belarus. Mass protests against the presidential election results have been ongoing since 9 August. Photo by Natalia Fedosenko\TASS via Getty Images

Police on the Greek island of Lesbos fired tear gas at migrants who threw stones during a protest on 12 September to demand shelter after the Moria refugee camp burned down. Photo by ANGELOS TZORTZINIS / AFP

Relatives of disappeared and murdered people demonstrate outside the Interior Secretariat building in Mexico City. Demonstrators have occupied the headquarters of the National Human Rights Commission since 4 September.  Photo by PEDRO PARDO / AFP

In Haiti, couples often have to overcome seemingly endless obstacles to get married, from political unrest to hurricanes, power outages and poverty. Patricia, who is pregnant, and her partner Obelson, were married in a joint ceremony with another pregnant couple they did not know, in order to share the costs of the ceremony. Photo by Valerie Baeriswyl/Reuters

An art installation marks the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, which set off from Plymouth carrying pilgrims seeking a new life in America. The anniversary was marked with the launch of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship on 16 September. The ship is designed to be a flexible and cost-effective way of gathering oceanic data. Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Springer spaniel Floki takes part in Covid-19 detection training at the University of Adelaide on 18 September in Adelaide, Australia. The Adelaide study is part of an international research effort to train dogs to help with screening people for the virus at airports, hospitals or quarantine facilities. The dogs are being trained to pick positive Covid-19 sweat samples from a line-up. Early results also show dogs trained in this way are able to identify infected individuals before they show symptoms, or in those who are otherwise asymptomatic. Photo by Kelly Barnes/Getty Images

Barcelona's Sagrada Familia will no longer be completed by 2026 due to the pandemic delaying construction and impacting funding. Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP

Residents dance at a ceremony to celebrate new housing licenses being granted to those hit by storms in Kangbuk-ri, North Hwanghae province in North Korea. The government provided aid after the area was badly affected by heavy rains, strong winds and floods. Photo by KIM Won Jin / AFP

A firefighter opens a line of defence against a fire in the Brazil Pantanal on 17 September. The Pantanal, the world's largest tropical wetlands, is being devastated by record wildfires that are destroying vast areas of vegetation and threatening wildlife. Photo by MAURO PIMENTEL / AFP

Activists demand justice and the return of their missing relatives in Mexico City. Photo by VICTORIA RAZO/AFP

Alia Fares, 27, has a facial massage with a Giant African land snail in Jordan on 16 September. Some claim the treatment boosts collagen in the skin. Photo by Muhammad Hamed/Reuters

Jimi Hendrix in his London flat on 4 January, 1969, photographed by Barrie Wentzell. The flat has been turned into a museum by the Handel House Trust. Friday 18 September marked the 50th anniversary of the musican's death in London at the age of 27.

A customer has a massage at a bathhouse in Hong Kong, where bars, swimming pools, amusement parks, clubs and karaoke venues have been re-opened with restrictions in place. Photo by ISAAC LAWRENCE / AFP

Thousands of stampeding wildebeest cross a muddy river to greener pastures as part of the herd's annual migration. Photo by Andy Skillen/Solent News/Shutterstock

Grayson Perry poses at an exhibition of his new work entitled “The Most Specialest Relationship”, based on his recent travels in the US, at the Victoria Miro gallery in London. Photo by Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Gerry Brakus is Creative Editor of the New Statesman and also writes on photography.