Four perspectives on US democracy in peril

Jeremy Cliffe writes:


The big question in this US election is: will Joe Biden or Donald Trump win? But another, just as important and related one, also looms over the campaign, election day and its aftermath: in what state will American democracy emerge from the coming period? So the New Statesman has asked four contributors to assess the ways in which the next weeks and months could permanently damage the institutions and norms that govern the US.  


New Statesman US editor Emily Tamkin writes on the Trump Factor: how the president could underine American democracy by undermining the legitimacy of the result before and after polling day.


New Statesman special correspondent Sophie McBain writes on how a polarised media environment gets in the way of an informed and open debate


Nina Jankowicz, author of How to Lose the Information War, writes on how disinformation, possibly sponsored by outside powers, could distort the campaign


Theodore R. Johnson of the Brennan Center for Justice writes on the danger of voter suppression amid the Covid-19 pandemic

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