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New Statesman and MIB Webinar: Biotechnology- The Catalyst for a Sustainable Future

  • Wednesday, 15. July 2020

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Register here to attend this panel discussion with George Freeman MP, Dr Yvonne Armitage, Professor Lionel Clarke, Professor Rob Field and Jon Bernstein.

Sustainable development is one of the biggest challenges facing society and industry today as we look to meet today’s energy, food and manufacturing needs without exhausting the Earth’s resources. Biotechnology could provide the catalyst for revolutionary change and help us build a sustainable future. But what are the barriers – and have we still got time and the political willpower to make a difference?

In the UK, industry is directly responsible for a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions as a consequence of using fossil fuels. An innovative solution being turned to is biotechnology, whether it’s to produce biofuels or to use biomanufacturing to improve production processes, biotechnology research is vital to finding solutions that can play their part in meeting global challenges. But collaboration between universities, business and policymakers needs to be maintained and expanded to decarbonise industry.

How might biotechnology help feed, fuel and heal a growing world population whilst reducing our carbon footprint and helping us meet strict climate change emissions targets? What is restricting the wider update of biotechnology, and how might policy makers address this? Will the Covid-19 crisis act as a catalyst to accelerate the adoption of biotechnology by society?

Join the New Statesman for an online panel discussion and live Q&A, sponsored by the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology at The University of Manchester, exploring the role of biotechnology in improving sustainability and collaboration with industries.

Register here to tune in to this online event at 3pm on Wednesday 15th July, and receive joining information closer to the date. Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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