Italian doctors claim to have shown link between Covid-19 and rare inflammatory disease in children

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Doctors in Italy claim to have uncovered the "first clear evidence" of a link between coronavirus and a rare, but potentially deadly, inflammatory disease in children.

The condition, which can cause heart problems and toxic shock, has been likened to a disorder called Kawasaki disease. Doctors in the UK began seeing an increase in cases last month, and between 75 and 100 children are currently being treated for it. On Tuesday, Evelina London Children’s Hospital reported the first death from the disease.

The disease was thought to be linked to Covid-19, and now, doctors in Bergamo, Italy, claimed to have proved that link. Out of 10 children treated for the disease between February and April, eight tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, and the doctors believe the other two received faulty tests.

“Our study provides the first clear evidence of a link between Sars-CoV-2 infection and this inflammatory condition, and we hope it will help doctors around the world as we try to get to grips with this unknown virus,” said Dr Lorenzo D’Antiga, director of child health at the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital.


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