Government changed way it counts tests in effort to reach 100,000 target, according to report

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The government has changed the way it counts the number of coronavirus tests carried out in the UK in an effort to fulfil its pledge of testing 100,000 people a day, according to a report in the Health Service Journal.

The report, quoting a "senior source", says the government is including tests that have been posted or delivered to people’s homes in its figures, which it previously did not do. It is therefore counting tests before they have been carried out. 

Up to 50,000 tests that will be reported as taking place on 30 April will be tests that have been mailed to people or have been agreed to be mailed to people, the report said.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock pledged to "carry out" 100,000 coronavirus tests every day by the end of April. The figure for 29 April was around 82,000, and the figure for 30 April will be announced today.

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