Tony Blair on how the government can achieve a credible lockdown exit strategy

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The government is yet to reveal how, or when, it will begin to lift the current coronavirus lockdown. On the New Statesman today, Tony Blair, former UK prime minister and now executive chairman of the Institute for Global Change, has set out a blueprint for easing restrictions that includes a list of ten "core tasks" ministers must ensure they have control over.

"We must ensure that on easing the restrictions, we are fully prepared and ahead of the curve the moment that the medical and scientific advice allows us to start the process," he writes.

"In the suppression phase we can see, with hindsight, that we were slow compared with the best of other countries. In this next phase, we must position government to roll out the revival of the economy and as much of normal life as is possible, with efficiency and clarity of strategy."

You can read the full article here.

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