Oxford researchers say contact-tracing app could curb spread of disease after lockdown

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An NHS contact-tracing app could significantly diminish the risk of a resurgence of Covid-19 cases when lockdown restrictions are lifted, according to new research.

New modelling by epidemiologists at Oxford University suggests the software would limit the number of transmissions caused by people who were not yet showing symptoms of the virus. 

But the researchers, who are working with the health service's tech unit NHSX on the project, cautioned that for the app to have the maximum impact, it would need to be adopted by 80 per cent of smartphone owners.

This is a significantly higher figure than those seen in other countries where contact-tracing apps have been rolled out. In Sinagpore, for example, adoption is at just 12 per cent. 

Earlier this week, Laurie Clarke wrote for NS Tech about the NHS's plans for the app. Read the full article here

Oscar Williams is a senior journalist at the New Statesman covering technology.

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