More than 4,300 coronavirus deaths in English care homes within a fortnight, new figures suggest





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Care homes account for as many as a quarter of all Covid-19 deaths in England, according to new data that shows more than 4,300 people died in care homes between 10 and 24 April.

Figures from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which regulates care homes in England, counted 4,343 deaths in care homes within those two weeks. 1,043 coronavirus-related care home deaths were recorded in official statistics up to 10 April.

The Office for National Statistics' head of health analysis and life events Nick Stripe said: "In total, we are looking at around at least 5,500 deaths in care homes in England related to Covid by 24 April."

The ONS said today that the total number of registered deaths relating to coronavirus up to 25 April was 21,284.

The CQC figures suggest the Covid-19 death rate in care homes is rapidly accelerating. Half of the 4,343 deaths happened in the last five days of that period.

ONS figures released today (analysed by our data team here) show that there have been 27,015 more deaths in England and Wales than would normally be expected since the start of the pandemic. Nearly half of these deaths, 12,772, have occurred in care homes.

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