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The New Statesman debate at the Cambridge Literary Festival

  • Saturday, 6. April 2019
  • Babbage Lecture Theatre, University of Cambridge

Call us:

020 3096 5791

New Statesman Debate

"This house believes identity politics is an impediment to progress"

From the EU referendum to Trump’s election, trans rights to #MeToo, the rise of the far right in Europe to Black Lives Matter in America, identity politics is re-shaping the modern world. But is defining yourself by your identity – whether gender, sexuality, race, nationality or class – a way of making society a more progressive, inclusive place? Or is it a downward slope that leads to self-interest, polarised debate and political stasis?

Speaking for the motion

Philip Collins is a columnist at The Times and former chief speech writer for Tony Blair. His books include Start Again: How We Can Fix Our Broken Politics

Dr Munira Mirza was a Deputy Mayor for London and is now Executive Director, Culture, at King’s College London. She is author of The Politics of Culture: The Case for Universalism

Dr Adrian Pabst is Head of the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent. His most recent book is The Demons of Liberal Democracy

Speaking against the motion

Eleanor Penny is a writer, editor, poet and broadcaster. She is Senior Editor at Novara Media and Online Editor at Red Pepper Magazine

Dr Anamik Saha is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is author of Race and the Cultural Industries

Naz Shah MP is Member of Parliament for Bradford West and Shadow Minister of State for Women and Equalities.

Chairing the debate Helen Lewis, Associate Editor of the New Statesman.

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