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The Brexit Crisis: How should the left respond?

  • Wednesday, 20. February 2019
  • King's College, Waterloo Campus, Franklin-Wilkins Building

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Grace Blakeley - Economics Commentator, New Statesman

Paul Mason - Contributing Writer, New Statesman

Stella Creasy MP - Member of Parliament for Walthamstow

Maurice Glasman - Blue Labour founder and Labour life peer

George Eaton (chair) - Deputy Editor, New Statesman

Ever since the 2016 Brexit referendum, the battle over EU membership has been treated as a Conservative civil war, but the question has come to divide the left as much as the right. The issues of Brexit, Lexit, Remain and reform, and a “People’s Vote” have sharply polarised Labour MPs and supporters.

How should the left view the EU? How should it approach Brexit? Is it an unnecessary national crisis manufactured by a mendacious, law-breaking Leave campaign? Or should Britain's socialists and social democrats embrace freedom from the neoliberal shackles of an overbearing, austerity-obsessed “capitalist club”? What would be the consequences of no deal, backing the Withdrawal Agreement, a second referendum, or a general election before 29 March 2019, and where are we heading?

Wednesday 20th February 2019 - 7pm-9pm

King's College, Waterloo Campus, Franklin-Wilkins Building, Stamford Street, SE1 9NH

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