WATCH: Tory MP who checks phone and patronises opponent flounces off Sky News

David Davies looks at his phone instead of debating Labour’s Anna Turley about under-investment in the north east.

Some more SHOCK Westminster news as a backbench Tory Brexiteer turns out to be spectacularly condescending to women!

Yes, the MP for Monmouth David Davies – he of “most parents would prefer their children not to be gay” and other bigoted hits – decided the best way to respond to difficult questions about the impact of hard Brexit was… not to respond at all.

“You carry on, you carry on, I’ll check my phone,” said Davies, as Labour’s Anna Turley grilled him on no deal making life worse for her constituents in the north east’s Redcar.

Taking his mobile out, he continued patronising her: “I’ll check my phone while you have a little chat, ok?” The “little chat” in question regarding job prospects of young people in Redcar, where the youth unemployment rate is over double the national average.

When a shocked Turley said this was a “quite incredible” way to debate, Davies simply waved her comment aside. “Yes, yes, carry on, carry on,” he said, like a child covering their ears and yelling “LALALA” over something they don’t want to hear.

“No no no, stop being patronising. Let’s not be patronising,” warned presenter Kay Burley. “It’s completely unacceptable – please don’t speak to her in that fashion, that’s not acceptable. You’ve had more than, you’ve had 50 per cent each,” she said, when Davies complained he couldn’t “get a word in”.

He then sulkily instructed the women to continue without him, saying “you two carry on”, shook hands with Burley, and flounced off screen, looking as if he thought he’d won.

“Walk in front of the camera, excellent,” concluded Burley.

If this is how Brexiteers deal with tough questions, Britain is well and truly screwed.

I'm a mole, innit.