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The New Times: Have we entered a post-liberal era?

New Year's readers' event

  • Wednesday, 17. January 2018
  • B.5 Auditorium, King's College, Waterloo Campus

Call us:

020 3096 5791

We are living in a period which seems to be characterised by near-continuous political tumult. With the rise of the far right in Europe, post-truth and fake news, Brexit and Trump, the breakdown of faith in once-revered institutions, the collapse of the political centre, the rise of Corbyn, Podemos, Syriza and challenger parties that have broken the mould of post-war electoral politics, all that was solid seems to be melting into air. The return of great power politics threatens global stability as rivals lock horns in the Middle East, tensions rise on the Korean peninsula, and Europe faces the biggest refugee crisis since WWII.


The bankruptcy of the prevailing economic model is accepted by all parties, but few have proposed an adequate alternative that reaches beyond a nostalgic re-run of welfare-statism, a retreat into protectionist populism, or a renaissance of unfettered entrepreneurial capitalism. What set in motion this chain of events, where the world began diverging from our commonly held assumptions and long-established norms? Are we on the cusp of a paradigm shift or epochal change? Are we witnessing the collapse of a liberal consensus that has been dominant for decades? If so, what will ultimately take its place? And is the change to be feared or welcomed?



Confirmed Speakers:

Evan Davis - broadcaster, economist and author of Post-Truth: Why We Have Reached Peak Bullshit and What We Can Do About It

Martin Jacques - journalist, academic and former editor of Marxism Today

Ros Wynne-Jones - award-winning journalist and author

John Bew - Professor of History and Foreign Policy at King's College, author of Citizen Clem and New Statesman contributing writer

Jason Cowley (Chair) - editor of the New Statesman



Date and Time: Wednesday 17th January 2018, 19:00-21:00

Location: B.5 Auditorium, King's College, Franklin-Wilkins Building, Waterloo Campus

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