“Momentum for Tories” has launched with an ancient, creaking meme

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Your mole regrets to inform you that there will never be another Labour government ever again. An independent Conservative organisation has now launched with the sole aim of “actively engaging” the young. The young! Their weapon? Memes – presumably pronounced by the team as “me mes”.

Activate is a self-described “grassroots campaign” that wants to “make a case for what conservatism can offer” the youth. Undeniably inspired by the Jeremy Corbyn memes that dominated the last election, Activate have announced their arrival via a self-made meme.

What is pain? How does it work? These are questions you will find yourself asking when you realise that Activate shared their first meme on Twitter with the hashtag “#meme”. Hashtag meme. They also – save yourself, read not on – finished the tweet with #retweet and #rt.

But what about the meme itself? Perhaps they riffed off the incredibly popular “man looking at other woman” picture making the rounds? Or did they choose a late – but forgivably so – Spongebob screenshot? No. Activate decided to make a meme using a still from the 1983 Star Wars film Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. An image-macro meme that first became popular in 2002. It’s a joke your dad would get. The entire point of memes – nay, of youth itself! – is that your dad just doesn’t understand.

The “joke” itself barely bears repeating but it goes like this. A nice picture of Mr Corbyn giving us the old thumbs up, imposed with his slogan “For the many, not the few”. Beneath this, a picture of Star Wars’ Admiral Ackbar shouting his infamous line: “It’s a trap”. Your mole sincerely pleads for this to stop now. 

So did it work? Are the youth engaged, and actively so? A meme created in response to Activate will offer a reply:

I'm a mole, innit.

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