The NS Podcast #219: Emergency Podcast

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Doubt, deferral and the DUP: after a turbulent weekend, Helen and Stephen ask what next for the Tories? Could the new relationship with the DUP mean tougher laws on abortion? And is Theresa May's authority safe?


Quotes of the Week:


Helen on Yvette Cooper’s support for a cross-party commission on Brexit: “I thought, ‘are you on glue?’ What is the advantage to Labour to help something which will inevitably be incredibly divisive?”

Stephen on the powerful new position of the DUP: “[The government] has a notional majority for approving spending and passing their Queen’s Speech. For everything else the DUP are going to go ‘what have you done for me lately?’”

Stephen on a possible Tory bounce-back: “The fear that the electorate will wack you when you meet them, does hold a party together like nothing else.”

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