The NS Podcast #217: Elections and extremism

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In light of this weekend's terror attack in London and Theresa May's response, Helen and Stephen reflect on the how recent attacks have shaped the election. Was May right to politicise Saturday's events? Is regulating cyber-space even possible? And what are the true causes of extremism? 


Quotes of the Week:

Stephen on limiting end-to-end encryption: “You can’t end encryption because you can’t uninvent knowledge. When I was little I and a friend used to write to each other by skipping a letter of the alphabet forward by every one – that is a mode of encryption that anyone can do.”

Helen on the gender imbalance among terrorists: “I cannot handle the fact that you are treated as some kind of crazed feminist loon if you want to talk about the fact that jihadists are overwhelmingly male.”

Stephen on Theresa May’s anti-democratic edge: “She does seem to have this ‘Other people do politics, I do morals,’ kind of thing.”

Helen on Theresa May’s campaign strategy: “Theresa May has presented herself as a kind of overlord, and that’s a very brittle position to be in.”

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