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In the week of the election, Ian Leslie and Stewart Wood focus on the generational divide between old and young voters. With the help of Professor Rosie Campbell of Birkbeck University, they explore Theresa May's character revelations, her discomfort with campaigning and whether Conservatism can appeal to the kids. Plus, are fathers of girls or boys more left wing? 

Quotes of the Week:

Ian Leslie on young people’s voting intentions: “Is it that they think the older generation has screwed them over, so they’re think, well, we’re going to screw you over back by voting for a 68 year old man?”

Rosie Campbell on the distribution of the youth vote: “In some critical marginal seats I’ve seen some analysis saying perhaps on EU referendum turn out levels there would be about 40 marginal seats that could go Labour’s way if young people turn out and vote the way they did last year.”

Rosie Campbell: “There’s some really interesting research saying that fathers of girls are more left wing than fathers of boys.”

Stewart Wood: “Whatever you think of Theresa May and the Conservatives, they have tried to challenge something that has been unchallenged for a long time, which is the idea that you can’t cut benefits and support for older voters.”

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