The NS Podcast #213: Manifestos Special

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Welcome to 2017's epic, Manifesto Special edition of the podcast. Helen and Stephen begin with analysis of the Conservative's latest offerings - from the new policy on social care, to their (costly) targets on immigration. Next up is Labour, who get "Marx out of ten" for their ambitious pledges. And finally, You Ask Us: are the polls right? 


Quotes of the Week:

Helen on Labour's manifesto: "I like it. Despite my reservations about the Corbyn project, what I hoped it would do was at least overcome some of that grim, one-more-heave Milibandism. And there is some genuinely new thinking in there."

Stephen on the Tory's social care pledge: "The way you've chosen to pay for this is incredibly Progressive - in terms of the people who will pay and the problem of inherited asset wealth. But the policy lever you're pulling is not Progressive."

Helen: "My new favourite source of subtweets about Theresa May: Evening Standard leader columns written by George Osborne."

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