Deep Dive podcast: The Great British Election Divides

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Is Brexit the biggest political divide in this election? Or is it all about personality? Our podcast co-hosts, Ian Leslie and Stewart Wood, are joined by former political strategist, James Morris, to discuss the latest thoughts from voters around the country. Plus: from "bombshells" to "cats coming out of the bag" - Stewart rants about the catch-phrases used during campaigns.

Quotes of the week:

  • Stewart Wood: “It’s a really odd election campaign. You’ve got four different parties with four different kinds of campaign.”
  • James Morris: “Elections are very, very rarely about issues. This election, like most elections, is really about competence and who is capable.”
  • James Morris: “In the focus group last night, one person said: ‘He’s a dope, she’s only a bit of a dope, so I’ll go for the bit of a dope’.”
  • Ian Leslie on what’s getting him down about the campaign: “... that politicians think it’s ok to float above the voters and beam down these giant slogans, without actually interacting with human beings.”

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