The NS Podcast #178: YouTube, yearning & the yacht

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This week, Stephen and Helen discuss the symbolism of the royal yacht, the American election and their yearnings for a more straight-talking Brexit debate.

Digital culture writer Amelia Tait joins to talk YouTubers and what might be worrying about their rise. George provides an analysis of PMQs. And you ask us: should Stop The War be protesting outside the Russian embassy?

(Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush, George Eaton, Amelia Tait).


The Yacht (00.16)
Now read Stephen on Marmite - another thing that has gone to the heart of Britain's Brexit debate.

American election (11.19)
Get Sarah Ditum’s thoughts on why last weekend’s revelations were the most damaging yet.
And Check out the key states to watch as voting day approaches.

PMQs (19.55)
"Compromises are to come", says George on May

YouTubers (25.52)
Read Amelia’s thoughts on Youtube and propaganda.

Russia (36.29)
John Simpson reflects on how Putin's gamble paid off.

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