We're hiring! Apply to be tech and digital culture writer at the New Statesman

The New Statesman is looking for a new staff writer for its award-winning website.

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The New Statesman is hiring a science and technology writer, who will work predominantly on the magazine’s website.

This a full-time paid job based in our office in London, with a salary to be determined depending on experience.

The successful candidate will write daily blog posts, as well as commission and edit guest pieces for newstatesman.com on technology and digital culture. The position is a junior one on our expanding web desk, and would suit a journalist with some experience in online writing, and a strong interest in this field.

The ideal candidate will:

- Have excellent writing skills;

- Be immersed in internet culture (eg know the correct pronunciation of “gif”);

- Demonstrate the ability to assimilate new topics at speed;

- Be comfortable commissioning and editing guest posts from other writers, and curating a wide range of tech coverage;

- Have a strong background in technology and journalism (a related degree or other qualification is helpful, but not essential);

- Be passionate about your field (you should be fascinated by updates to Facebook's privacy policy, be engaged by the ethical implications of AI research, and have strong opinions on whether teenagers' attention spans are being ruined by the internet);

- Be familiar with how to use a web content management system.

Please apply with a CV and a covering letter to Deputy Editor Helen Lewis on helen @ newstatesman co uk by 12pm on Friday 8 July 2016.

As part of your covering letter, please include a 200-word outline of how you think newstatesman.com could improve and expand its technology and digital culture coverage and up to 200 words on the topics or people you would be most keen to write about in this role.

Please don’t send large attachments of cuttings or portfolios – this will be requested at a later date if required. Please ensure your name is on every page of any attached documents.

NB Applications which do not follow this outline will not be considered.