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Nigel Farage’s anti-EU poster depicting migrants resembles Nazi propaganda

Ukip’s lowest point in its campaign for Brexit.

Nigel Farage unveiled Ukip’s anti-EU campaign poster. And it resembles Nazi propaganda.

Here it is:

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	<em>Photo: Twitter/<a href=”“>@tompeck</a></em>

	And here are some stills of a Nazi propaganda video, shown in the first episode of a six-part BBC documentary from 2005 currently on Netflix called <em>Auschwitz: The Nazis and The Final Solution</em>:

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		<a href=”“>@UKIP</a> When you get so involved in your British nationalism that you slip into acting like Nazis. <a href=”“>#JustUKIPthings</a> <a href=”“></a><div class=

— Brendan Harkin (@brendanjharkin) June 16, 2016

Other keen-eyed people online have noticed further problems with the poster – aside from, y’know, its FASCIST overtones.

For example, a man who appears to be white has been conveniently blocked by the strapline:

Funny how the prominent white dude gets blocked out of the poster.

— Rupert Myers (@RupertMyers) June 16, 2016

And your mole can’t help thinking that Ukip, aside from being morally repugnant, is just pretty rubbish at its job. Fear tactics are supposed to be its forte, but it couldn’t even find a “scary” photo of desperate refugees; there’s a crying child in the picture:


Incompetence and racism. The two worst traits in a political party that Britain will hopefully decide is on the wrong side of the argument.

I'm a mole, innit.