Watch: Scottish Lib Dems launch their manifesto – in a soft play area


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The only fate worse than being a Liberal Democrat in 2016 is being a Scottish Liberal Democrat. Which means the job of Willie Rennie, the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, can’t really be much fun, right?


Launching the party’s suicide note manifesto for the upcoming Holyrood elections today, Rennie summoned the world’s media to a soft play area. That’s right. He wants to be First Minister, but he’s still not outgrown Clown Town.

Looks like he enjoyed himself though.

Here's Willie going down a slide with a child on his lap:

Here he is briefing the press in front of a Toy Story mural:

And here he is sliding down a volcano, making sure the children go first in case it’s not safe:

Still, at least there weren’t any pigs:

I'm a mole, innit.

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