“All the Bengalis will only vote for you”: Zac Goldsmith’s ridiculous campaign song

Jette Ga! (He Will Win).

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Zac Goldsmith’s London mayoral campaign now has a music video. The song, produced by the Tory organisation Conservative Connect, is called Jette Ga! (He Will Win). And it seems to be in as many different languages as communities Goldsmith’s controversial race-based campaign has set out to offend…

The video – essentially a montage of photos of Goldsmith standing placidly beside people from different ethnic backgrounds – gives subtitles to the lyrics, which are sung in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English, Chinese and Bangla.

Your mole enjoys the hyperbole…

“It’s the start of a new dawn/let’s all fill our hearts with happiness”

“Zac Goldsmith is everyone’s favourite leader/victory will be yours”

“He is worthy of appreciation/he is patient and he is brave”

“He fights for justice and he is honest”

“Let us all come together and sing/Zac Goldsmith will be a pride for all of us”

...the lies…

“All the Bengalis will only vote for you”

“Youth and elderly are singing your praise”

…the weird competitive element…

“May he gain more respect/May he receive more honour and dignity compared to others”

…and the suggestion that, ultimately, Goldsmith is a dim but acceptable intern:

“We would love Zac to work for us”

But the most notable lyric is one that should perhaps be read as an imperative levelled at Goldsmith’s campaign:

“Let all communities unite”

This is the one part your mole is able to translate: “Zac, mate, stop with the divide and rule.”

I'm a mole, innit.

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