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A selection of the best articles about politics, business and life on the Rock from the last seven day.

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The Rock is remarkable for its concentration of artists in such a small space and this month a new gallery has opened, the Gibraltar Exhibitions of Modern Art, reports the Gibraltar Chronicle. Cultural on a different level is the Miss Gibraltar competition, whose 2016 line-up started to take place as it opened for entries this week. We wrote about the history of the beauty pageant and its current controversies last year.

To politics, and the Gibraltar Olive Press reports on Spanish politicians’ plans to get the artificial reef removed; also in the news has been the impending legislation to enable Gibraltarians to vote in Britain’s in/out EU referendum. Meanwhile as Jeremy Corbyn speaks about coming to an accommodation with Argentina over the Falklands (which many people believe would encompass Gibraltar as well) and a Guardian Journalist publishes a soapbox piece on the BBC suggesting it’s time Britain handed the Rock back, we’ll be publishing an impassioned counter-argument on our hub on Tuesday.

Finally, this week we reported on the impending launch (on Monday) of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival on our Gibraltar Hub. Chess enthusiasts might want to know that the results will be available in real time on the organisation’s social media feeds such as its Twitter account.

Guy Clapperton is the freelance journalist who edits the New Statesman’s Gibraltar hub. You can also find him in the Guardian, Computer Business Review and Professional Outsourcing which he edits.

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