New Statesman Media launches two data-driven projects

Progressive Media, the New Statesman’s parent company, is launching two new data-driven sites – one dedicated to the business of cities, and the other to the 2015 British general election.

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Get the New Statesman's Morning Call email. will explore the business of cities. will keep readers updated and informed in the run-up to next year’s general election and beyond.

Both sites will be part of New Statesman Media, and will be designed with mobile and tablet devices in mind.

The CityMetric team will use proprietary data to explore topics including demographics, transport policy, economics and urban planning.

The new cities site will be edited by Jonn Elledge, formerly the editor of the business magazine EducationInvestor.

Elledge said: “CityMetric will explore all the challenges facing the world’s cities as they expand to take in another two billion people. Through a combination of analysis, data and reportage, it’ll tell its audience of companies, policymakers and urbanites everything they need to know about the places where they work, invest and live.” will use polling, demographic data and issue-based analysis. It will be edited by our new staff member Harry Lambert, with contributions from the New Statesman’s existing politics team, led by our new political editor, George Eaton.

The New Statesman’s web traffic has grown by more than 160 per cent over the past three years. The web team has recently been boosted by the arrival of Anoosh Chakelian, formerly of Total Politics magazine, and Tim Wigmore, formerly of the Daily Telegraph, as well as Lucy Fisher, winner of the Anthony Howard prize.

Jason Cowley, the New Statesman’s editor, said: “Journalism is fundamentally about making sense of the world, and both these new sites will use data to tell stories in fresh and internet-friendly ways. We’re delighted to welcome the latest additions to the New Statesman’s expanding digital team.”

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