Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

1. Growth might not be enough for Cameron (Times)

Several small effects, like UKIP and a lack of feelgood factor, could all combine to put Ed in Number 10, says Stephan Shakespeare.

2. Is election 2015 worth the wait? You'd better believe it (Guardian)

Fixed-term parliaments have changed the political rhythm of the UK, writes Steve Richards.

3. Why can't banking be more like baking? (Financial Times)

The financial services industry needs to be more like the food industry, according to Tim Harford.

4. In defence of private tutoring (Independent)

Tom Maher thinks we should not stop parents from aspiring to help their child's education.

5. There's more than one side to the countryside (Times)

Governments should stop treating rural areas as a specialist concern, argues Simon Barnes.

6. The NSA has harmed transatlantic relations more than any al-Qaida operative could (Guardian)

Unchecked intelligence services cause diplomatic damage, regardless of their target, says Josef Joffe.

7. Why do our black actors need to leave to work? (Independent)

The UK's film and TV industry is providing so few good roles for black actors that they have to go to the US, writes Natalie Haynes.

8. Use tax to cut London house prices (Financial Times)

37 percent of Londoners were born abroad, says John McDermott, and would count as foreign home buyers under Osborne's new scheme.

9. Hot legal telly it's not. But nor are cameras in court the slippery slope of cliche (Guardian)

Marina Hyde argues that opening the courts to more public scrutiny can only improve justice.

10. Banning sweetness may leave a bitter taste (Telegraph)

Taxing things that people love - like sugary drinks - doesn't make them like you, Vicki Woods writes.

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