March 2013: most read on

What you've been reading in the last month.

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March was a record month on - 1,401,186 of you viewed 3,666,428 pages over the course of the month.

Among the most popular pieces were:

1. Steubenville: this is rape culture's Abu Ghraib moment by Laurie Penny

2. Lucy Meadows, trans teacher whose gender reassignment made news, found dead at home by Caroline Crampton

3. The sorry truth is that the virus of anti-Semitism has infected the British Muslim community by Mehdi Hasan

4. You’ll Never Live Like Common People by Alex Andreou

5. Why are we so obsessed with the pursuit of authenticity? by Steven Poole


Caroline Crampton is a writer and podcaster. She was formerly an assistant editor at the New Statesman.