Newspapers will be irrelevant in 12 years, says media futurist

It is predicted that cheap mobile reading devices will finally spell the end of print newspapers.

Newspapers will become irrelevant in 12 years, according to futurist, keynote speaker and author, Ross Dawson.

He has predicted that in ten years, mobile reading devices that allow people to consume news on the move will be the reader's primary news provider.

By 2020, entry-level digital news devices will cost less than $10 and often be given away. More sophisticated news readers will be foldable or rollable, gesture-controlled and fully interactive, he said on his blog on Tuesday.

The reputation of individual journalists would attract audiences, he added.

On Thursday, Dawson will address the Newspaper Publishers' Association forum in Sydney to talk about the future of the newspaper industry.

Dawson, who wrote about social networking and microblogging in his 2002 book "Living Networks", has predicted that journalism would be increasingly crowdsourced to amateurs who will be supervised by professionals.