Jack Straw rules out Labour leadership bid

Former justice secretary says: "I've had a good innings. No one can persuade me."

Jack Straw has ruled himself out of the race to be the next Labour leader and has refused to endorse a specific candidate.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, the former justice secretary said: "I've had my 13th year on the front bench, 23 years since I was first elected to the shadow cabinet so I've had a good innings. No one can persuade me."

He added that he would wait for the hustings to see the arguments being made "for the future of the Labour Party" in order to decide which candidate to back.

The former foreign secretary, David Miliband, became the first to announce he was running for the leadership following a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party on Wednesday afternoon. He promised to set out on a "conversation" tour of the UK to find out why millions of voters deserted the party at last week's election.

There is growing speculation in Westminster that his brother, Ed Miliband, will shortly announce his own leadership bid. The former schools secretary, Ed Balls, the former health secretary, Andy Burnham and the popular backbencher Jon Cruddas are also expected to run.