New York agrees 9/11 compensation pay-out

More than 10,000 rescue workers affected by dust after 9/11 are eligible for compensation.

New York City is to pay up to $657.5m (£437m) in compensation to rescue and recovery workers affected by dust after the 9/11 attacks.

The settlement would give compensation to more than 10,000 plaintiffs, who say that they became ill because of dust from the destroyed World Trade Centre towers.

Before it can take effect, at least 95 per cent of these plaintiffs must approve the deal. It must also be approved by a judge.

It was announced yesterday evening by the World Trade Centre Captive Insurance Company, a special body established to handle the legal claims of those injured in the clear-up operation.

Most of the money would come from a $1bn (£664m) grant from the federal emergency management agency.

New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said that it was "a fair and reasonable resolution to a complex set of circumstances".