Lib Dem candidate resigns over racist email

Stoke North candidate resigns over abusive message sent from his email address

A Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate has resigned after a racist message was sent from his official email address to a constituent.

David Jack, who was the prospective candidate for Stoke-on-Trent North, stepped down after details of the message were reported by Channel 4 News. Jack denies sending the email and claims he was out drinking with friends at the time it was sent.

He told the BBC that he suspected his email may have been hacked into by someone with an agenda against him.

He said: "I'm not acknowledging it came from my official email address at all. There are specialist IT people looking into that at this moment and I await their investigations on that. But I can categorically say that I did not type or send that email."

A Liberal Democrat spokesman said: "We were first alerted to this email exchange earlier today.

"David Jack is no longer a parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats and we have launched an immediate investigation."