Do as I tell you

Set by Michael Cregan

You were asked for misleading advice for Brits about to visit a foreign coun

Report by Ms de Meaner

Not much room. There were a few names hovering just below the three who came in en masse at 18th: Nicholas Hodgson, Keith Norman, Michael Brereton, Neil Rennick, M E Ault and J Samson. Fortunes have fluctuated, as usual, but there is only one name that has made it into the Top 20 for the first time: Glyn Haggett. Well done.

To the winners below, £20; for the singletons, £5 book tokens. The Tesco vouchers go, in addition, to David Silverman, top dog all round.

In Greece, when photographing aeroplanes, you should always ask the military police if they would like to be in the pictures too.

Throughout the Middle East it is customary to remove your shoes when visiting mosques. Carry them to the mihrab, throw them in. Collect them on your way out.

Anne Du Croz

Take a dip by diving from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Buy some blowfish in Tokyo's black market for your picnic.

Bill Greenwell

In eastern countries visitors are expected to throw shoes at political leaders to show respect.

D A Prince

Don't forget to take a photo of the Mona Lisa when in the Louvre.

Katie Mallett

It is customary to tip a customs official on arrival at Istanbul airport, and to increase the tip if your bag is searched.

John O'Byrne

On hot, crowded buses in Rome and Naples, you will be guaranteed a much smoother ride if you indicate your intention to tip the driver by leaving your purse or wallet clearly visible at the top of your bag.

When visiting Europe's major art galleries, take along sheets of tracing paper. Place these over your favourite masterpiece and sketch the outlines or rub with a coin for the perfect memento.

David Silverman

No 4066 Bonus backlash

Set by Dipak Ghosh

A bonus, according to one dictionary, is defined as "an amount of money added to a person's wages specially as a reward for good performance". We want updated banking terms for a dictionary published in 2009.

As many as you like by 5 March


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