Yo Zushi is a sub-editor of the New Statesman. His work as a musician is released by Eidola Records.

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30 November 2011
Premiere JapanBarbican, London EC2One morning in March 1995, the Aum Shinrikyo cult carried out a lethal gas attack on...
The Staggers
11 November 2011
In July, a local news arm of CBS reported a "disturbing and potentially dangerous trend in one New Jersey...
The Staggers
03 November 2011
Not so long ago, the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, echoed Gordon Brown's nadir in calling for British...
The Staggers
27 October 2011
Israel's discriminatory policies based on race and religious affiliation are well documented. In 2008, Miguel d'Escoto...
Cultural Capital
24 October 2011
Jo Robertson
Cultural Capital
29 September 2011
Dylan looks back
Cultural Capital
31 August 2011
Rob Watt
Cultural Capital
13 June 2011
A conversation on music, lyrics, the monarchy and the end of the world.
12 May 2011
In the spring of 1965, Martin Luther King led a series of marches across Alabama in support of black voting rights. His...
The Staggers
27 April 2011
Two years have passed since Barack Obama ordered the closure of the US prison facility in Guantanamo Bay, yet 172...
Cultural Capital
06 April 2011
"Wonder is the feeling of a philosopher and philosophy begins in wonder," wrote Plato in one of his dialogues...
31 March 2011
33 Revolutions Per Minute: a History of Protest Songs Dorian LynskeyFaber & Faber, 843pp, £17.99On 15 October 1969...
The Staggers
18 February 2011
Following the Supreme Court's decision in April last year to allow a teenager and a 59-year-old man to challenge the...
Cultural Capital
04 February 2011
One evening in November 1492, as the wintry chill descended on a stretch of North American coastline, Christopher...
06 January 2011
The Man Who Recorded the World: a Biography of Alan Lomax John SzwedHeinemann, 464pp, £20The Nebraskan novelist Willa...