Yo Zushi is a sub-editor of the New Statesman. His work as a musician is released by Eidola Records.

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Business blog
13 September 2012
Burial fees climb almost 10 per cent in a year.
The Staggers
30 August 2012
There he goes again: the Telegraph's torture apologist Con Coughlin, fresh from blaming the "foolhardy...
Cultural Capital
08 August 2012
Where’s home at the moment? San Francisco.   You often use place names in your lyrics, from...
Cultural Capital
01 August 2012
Does he deserve another chance?
Cultural Capital
28 July 2012
America's obsession with its land.
Music and Performance
18 July 2012
When Ziggy Played Guitar: David Bowie and Four Minutes that Shook the World Dylan Jones Preface, 214pp, £20...
Music and Performance
13 June 2012
The NS Interview.
Cultural Capital
24 May 2012
A top-five list, on his 71st birthday.
10 May 2012
Japan continues to suffer.
Music and Performance
30 March 2012
A Polish avant-gardist and his rock-star disciple.
Music and Performance
30 March 2012
Why Plan B's "iLL Manors" works.
22 March 2012
A battle of wills in the Turbine Hall.
The Staggers
10 March 2012
The drums of war
Cultural Capital
09 January 2012
Andrzej Klimowski
Star Spangled Staggers
23 December 2011
In October, a 19-year-old army private called Danny Chen climbed into a guard tower in Afghanistan and shot himself in...