Cultural Capital
04 December 2014
Abduction of General Heinrich Kreip.
12 May 2014
Dangerous or reformer?
Cultural Capital
03 April 2014
A gripping new study.
05 July 2013
The elephant untethered.
World Affairs
11 October 2012
Is it goodbye to the Asian tiger?
International Politics
23 August 2010
It may have been a nightmarish year for Pakistan but it has been a pretty good one for the country's inscrutable chief...
22 June 2010
In 1843, shortly after his return from Afghanistan, an army chaplain, Reverend G R Gleig, wrote a memoir about the...
International Politics
17 December 2009
Religion in India
International Politics
21 February 2008
It has not been a good year for Pakistan. President Musharraf's sacking of the chief justice last spring, the lawyers'...
13 December 2007
Two years ago, on 14 October 2005, a major religious riot between Christians and Muslims broke out in the backstreets...
05 July 2007
On 8 August 1756, a British merchantman was lost at sea. The Seven Years War had recently begun and the Ann was...
30 April 2007
Martin Amis, typical of the current rash of instant experts on Islam, wrote recently in the Observer: "We may wonder...
23 April 2007
Archaeology is a notoriously slow and painstaking science: months of careful brushing and trowelling often yield little...
16 October 2006
At 4pm on a hazy, warm, sticky winter's day in Rangoon in November 1862, soon after the end of the monsoon, a shrouded...