Will Straw is Associate Director at IPPR.

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UK Politics
28 November 2013
The BBC reports today that the government is planning to cut annual costs of the Energy Company Obligation (Eco) in...
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12 November 2013
They may be public enemy number one but you can't accuse the energy companies of being inept at public relations....
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25 June 2013
There will be a sense of déjà vu on Wednesday when George Osborne stands up to announce "a long-term...
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04 June 2013
The government’s Energy Bill receives its third reading in the Commons today. MPs will vote on whether a ‘...
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08 February 2013
A wasted opportunity.
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08 October 2012
Businesses criticise Chancellor.
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23 August 2012
Everyone's feeling the pinch
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23 July 2012
Tim Yeo, Conservative MP and chair of the energy and climate change select committee, has issued a stinging rebuke to...
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03 July 2012
The EU's triumph on mobile charges.
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21 March 2012
The Chancellor missed an opportunity to boost growth today with his Budget. Analysis by IPPR shows that an Alternative...
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26 January 2012
The world's wealthy and powerful have convened in the small Swiss town of Davos this week with income disparity high on...
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01 November 2011
The growth myth
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26 July 2011
Spectator editor, Fraser Nelson, set sail for his summer holiday in Sweden yesterday with an extraordinary piece for...
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19 July 2011
While today's headlines have rightly been dominated by the select committee interrogations of the police and Murdoch...
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28 June 2011
Yesterday morning's scoop by Dan Hodges on Chris Lennie becoming the next General Secretary of the Labour party has...