Will Self is the author of seven novels, six collections of stories and five collections of non-fiction. His most recent novel is The Butt. He writes the Madness of Crowds column for the New Statesman as well as the Real Meals column.

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28 October 2010
Arguably a crowd comprising 59 men (and, perhaps, the odd - very odd - woman), between them carrying 109 guns, is about...
18 October 2010
A weird, piratically themed Cornish pasty takeaway outlet has mounted a sustained assault on English railway terminuses...
14 October 2010
I listened to Ed Miliband's speech to the Labour party conference while at stool the other day. This was purely...
04 October 2010
For the Tragus Group, the company that owns the 117 branches of Café Rouge scattered across our green and francophile...
27 September 2010
From time to time, I succumb to one of the great delusions of the modern world: namely that a gadget or device will...
20 September 2010
My friend Ian's girlfriend Cindy has opened a Thai restaurant at Tollcross in Edinburgh. There's nothing particularly...
13 September 2010
A rustling and puckered moment at a convenience store somewhere in the switchback of streets skirting Edinburgh's...
06 September 2010
Established in 1976 - or so their crest proudly claims - the noble house of Aberdeen Angus Steak Houses seems always to...
30 August 2010
Broadstairs, the Isle of Thanet, a frowsty sort of an evening in early August, with shadows forming within shadows down...
20 August 2010
Did kidult culture spawn kidult restaurants, or was it perhaps the other way round? Certainly, the concentrated...
13 August 2010
Sweets and batteries by the tills - isn't that the way of it? And Good Housekeeping, too. I often find myself queuing...
06 August 2010
You can't get realer when it comes to meals than chowing down with the Statesman's own laureate of the low life, Nick...
30 July 2010
Stieg Larsson cult
Food and Drink
23 July 2010
My nephew Jack and I are heading south after an unsuccessful attempt to reach the remote Hebridean island of St Kilda....
16 July 2010
I hope you have noticed my forbearance throughout the recent football tourney, resisting the urge to prate upon the...