Will Self is the author of seven novels, six collections of stories and five collections of non-fiction. His most recent novel is The Butt. He writes the Madness of Crowds column for the New Statesman as well as the Real Meals column.

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Food and Drink
25 June 2010
On Burger King
21 June 2010
I seldom work in libraries, for all the obvious reasons: you can't smoke, eat or drink, while the proximity of many...
Food and Drink
14 June 2010
"We're, like, regulars, aren't we?" I said to the attractively goofy young fellow who takes the role of...
07 June 2010
Peter Ackroyd, in his masterful biography of London, animadverts that the entire city is essentially a performance...
Food and Drink
31 May 2010
Circa 1969 the only restaurants in Britain were Chinese ones - or at least, that's the way I remember it. They had...
21 May 2010
Let's scrap Trident
16 May 2010
A long time ago, when I could still bear to eat in social contexts, I attended a dinner at London Zoo given by the...
06 May 2010
The other day I was walking with a brace of my children up the steep road that approaches Brighton Station from North...
01 May 2010
If the historian Oswald Spengler were alive today, Wimpy is the kind of fast-food joint he'd be eating in. Actually,...
22 April 2010
I don't know Gordon Brown - do you? I don't know Dave Cameron, either, not even remotely. As for Nick Clegg, he's an...
17 April 2010
Even people who know absolutely nothing about British politics of the past two decades still know that Peter Mandelson...
08 April 2010
The other evening I saw Eddie Izzard, the celebrated Jack-and-Jill of all theatrical trades, complete 43 nearly...
29 March 2010
I pitched this column to the New Statesman because I wanted to write about Pret a Manger - or "Pret", as it's...
20 March 2010
The age of criminal responsibility in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is - as has been remarked on many times in...
Food and Drink
15 March 2010
Eats at Nando's