Will Self is the author of seven novels, six collections of stories and five collections of non-fiction. His most recent novel is The Butt. He writes the Madness of Crowds column for the New Statesman as well as the Real Meals column.

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Food and Drink
29 January 2010
Wagamama has been serving a bizarre fusion cuisine - part Japanese traditional, part English nursery slop - for nigh on...
22 January 2010
I've been putting it off, hopping up and down, tensing first one buttock then the other, waiting until the pain is...
14 January 2010
Eats at Pizza Express
07 January 2010
On death shrines
Food and Drink
17 December 2009
I'm not altogether sure Christmas dinner is a meal at all, let alone a real one; rather, it is the focus of all the...
03 December 2009
National Robbery
Food and Drink
26 November 2009
Eats at Subway
19 November 2009
On brands
Food and Drink
12 November 2009
Dreadful Starbucks
05 November 2009
On Oscar Wilde
Food and Drink
29 October 2009
I suppose I was looking for an archetype that no longer exists. A fusty realm of red flock wallpaper and piped sitar...
22 October 2009
Mobile madness
Food and Drink
15 October 2009
Eats KFC
08 October 2009
On verbal tics
Food and Drink
01 October 2009
On McDonald's