Will Self is the author of seven novels, six collections of stories and five collections of non-fiction. His most recent novel is The Butt. He writes the Madness of Crowds column for the New Statesman as well as the Real Meals column.

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10 October 2011
My wife, who has had cause to spend some time in hospital over the past year, observes that if patients were told on...
03 October 2011
There was an unfortunate episode this morning as I was on my way back from the school run. Walking from the bus stop, I...
26 September 2011
Y'know, me don' see dat David Starkey much down 'ere on me manor, seen, tho' wevver it am because he...
14 September 2011
At Motherwell Station, there is a reception committee awaiting me - or is it some sort of posse, with me in the Butch...
Food and Drink
12 September 2011
There is a deep, almost primordial satisfaction to be gained from eating at a hatch. By this, I don't mean being served...
World Affairs
05 September 2011
I was sitting on the Tube with my six-year-old son. I'd bought him a bag of crisps and he was munching them while I...
Food and Drink
29 August 2011
After the unprecedented disorders of early August - a rending of the fabric of civility on a par with the sacking of...
22 August 2011
In his superb memoir Jackdaw Cake, the late Norman Lewis told the story of his upbringing in uttermost north London in...
Food and Drink
15 August 2011
"Mac-Dooonald's, Mac-Dooonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken anna Pizza Hut! Mac-Dooonald's, Mac-Dooonald's, Kentucky...
08 August 2011
In Edgar Allan Poe's prescient short story "The Man of the Crowd", the narrator tracks an individual through...
Food and Drink
01 August 2011
Here's a dinner for two with 1970s sophistication but modern-day products and prices: to start, a couple of prawn...
25 July 2011
People are starving to death in eastern Africa - lots of them, and horribly. I awoke this morning to hear on the radio...
25 July 2011
Aboriginal art
Food and Drink
21 July 2011
I was meeting up with someone I worked with, ooh, getting on for 20 years ago and whom I hadn't seen for pushing 15. I...
11 July 2011
On Derren Brown