International Politics
15 March 2010
When Cristina Fernández de Kirchner won the Argentinian presidency by a landslide in 2007, her campaign may have...
International Politics
11 September 2009
When the military removal of the president of Honduras on June 28 sparked near-universal condemnation in the region,...
International Politics
02 July 2009
Dodging scandals
International Politics
21 April 2009
It was unlikely that Barack Obama’s first engagement with Latin America would come close to satisfying the demands of...
06 April 2009
It was inevitable in the wake of the G20 summit that world leaders would celebrate whatever agreements they were able...
International Politics
16 March 2009
It was already shaping up to be a tough year for the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Big government is back and faith in the...
International Politics
16 February 2009
A decade into the rule of Hugo Chávez, it seems a majority of Venezuelan voters still have an appetite for the...
Human Rights
26 January 2009
On Sunday, voters in Bolivia backed a new constitution recognising indigenous rights and expanding public control over...
International Politics
25 November 2008
The political grip enjoyed by Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez has loosened a little after opposition parties made...
International Politics
28 October 2008
The irony has not been lost on the political leaders of Latin America’s insurgent left movements that the governments...