23 May 2012
Not if the data is unusable.
04 June 2009
The elusive capercaillie
11 December 2008
Stables, mangers and cattle a-lowing do not feature prominently on Finnish Christmas cards. The inhabitants of this...
20 September 2007
"I plume myself on this achievement," Byron wrote of swimming the Hellespont on his second attempt in 1810, "more than...
South America
07 May 2007
"You're going there on holiday?" said the young man sitting next to me in the departure lounge. "Why not?" I replied. "...
07 August 2006
Japanese society is like being back in the playground: there's an in-crowd, and there's everybody else. But unlike at...
31 July 2006
If you're the suspicious sort who thinks that authors and reviewers are in cahoots, don't let me dissuade you. I never...
27 February 2006
For most of 1998, I read nothing but the works of Yukio Mishima. The following year, having consumed everything...
16 January 2006
After years of trailing its Far Eastern rivals, South Korean cinema stormed to international recognition in 2004 and...
08 August 2005
Not previously noted as a litigious lot, Japan's high-school teachers have been taking to the law courts in droves in...
07 March 2005
An unlikely romance is in the air. For decades, little love has been lost between Japan and South Korea. Japan once...
22 April 2002
The imperial family of Japan has yet to give the country's hungry tabloid media any toe-sucking sexual exploits, or toe...
04 March 2002
''Tell us about soccer hooligans, Craig-san," persisted our mumsy young Japanese-language teacher, pushing her glasses...
10 December 2001
The baby's sex - a girl - is likely to be the first of many predictions about Japan's imperial newborn that are proved...
10 September 2001
Japan's economic hard times may have salarymen fearful for their jobs, losing sleep over home repossession or...