26 April 2010
A hundred years ago, we seemed about to witness the strange death, not of Liberal England, as George Dangerfield...
UK Politics
25 February 2010
How Cameron has changed
UK Politics
29 January 2010
In a democracy, so Robert Worcester, founder of MORI, tells us, public opinion is king. In 1923 an early political...
17 December 2009
Modern history
26 November 2009
The British constitution still knows all too little of the people. Constitutionally, it is the House of Commons, not...
12 November 2009
The 1950s used to be seen as the time when the British people believed that they might be in sight of the promised land...
UK Politics
11 November 2009
In its early days, the Labour Party, unlike almost all of its social-democrat counterparts in western Europe, was...
29 October 2009
Politics, it is often held, is no more than a struggle for power. Yet even the most power-hungry politicians rely,...
28 May 2009
Worse than Profumo
UK Politics
19 March 2009
Like the early Christians, the founding fathers of the Labour Party were sustained by their faith. They believed that a...
23 October 2006
Political parties have formed the cornerstone of our representative system since long before the era of universal...