The Staggers
30 September 2014
End the use of unqualified teachers.
02 October 2013
High Minds by Simon Heffer.
15 November 2012
Settling old scores.
11 October 2012
In the 2003 book Stasiland, Anna Funder documents what life was like for millions of people in East Germany, the...
The Staggers
07 October 2012
The PM mimics the Tea Party.
24 January 2008
The irony was delicious: Gordon Brown, Labour party leader and one-time editor of the socialist Red Paper on Scotland,...
UK Politics
06 September 2007
Does the seizure of the Labour leadership north and south of the border by Presbyterian progeny signal the revival of...
UK Politics
01 August 2005
As I write, highly educated if wholly uncivilised human beings are travelling underground, trying to kill me. But their...
20 September 2004
While land reform has been alive in British radical thinking since 1066, it was an American who managed to craft the...
International Politics
31 May 2004
May was the month in which the west was won. On orders from President Jefferson, the great American pioneers Meriwether...
26 April 2004
E H Carr once dismissed "what if?" history as an "idle parlour game". Its defenders claim it contributes substantially...
02 February 2004
By far the most entertaining programme in the current BBC series on the National Trust is the one on the tussle over...