Tony Benn retired from Parliament in 2001 after more than 50 years to ‘devote more time to politics’. The longest serving Labour MP in the history of the party he served as a cabinet minister under Wilson and Callaghan.

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The Old Statesman
28 March 2014
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12 July 2012
The House of Lords is a medieval relic from a time when land ownership was a major source of political power, and just...
14 April 2011
Civilisations are remembered by the state of technology at the time. We recall the Stone Age, the Iron Age and,...
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23 September 2007
The great theme for the Labour Party now is the need for participation and a greater involvement of MPs and local...
24 July 2000
This book charges the American and British governments with genocide against the people of Iraq, a charge that is...
31 May 1999
Next year I shall be celebrating the 50th anniversary of my election to the House of Commons, but recently it has been...
05 March 1999
The announcement that "new Labour" is now totally committed to the single currency and that public money is to be...