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12 December 2011
The past 12 months have been strangely pretty - I had no idea that everyone was as soppy as me. Classical music has...
Music and Performance
28 November 2011
Things have been getting pretty spaced out recently. Lots of musicians seem to have become trapped in their own dreams...
Tom Ravenscroft
17 November 2011
I've recently been bitten by a metal bug; it's pretty ferocious and yet seemingly not very popular and not all that...
Tom Ravenscroft
19 October 2011
It seems quite stressful being in a band, I have always been quite grateful I wasn't in one. For starters there is a...
Tom Ravenscroft
12 October 2011
Everyone needs to get rid of his or her friends and find £79.99 and a free weekend. You may need something to drink as...
Tom Ravenscroft
29 September 2011
So it turns out I don't own enough music from China. I had suspected this might be the case and a band called Pairs...
Tom Ravenscroft
24 August 2011
This week has brought with it two records that, under normal circumstances, I think I would have hissed at but instead...
Tom Ravenscroft
17 August 2011
Ergo Phizmiz's opera based on Flann O'Brien's novel The Third Policeman opens this weekend at the Riverside Studios in...
Tom Ravenscroft
10 August 2011
As some of you may know, during this week's horrific riots across the UK, a SonyDADC warehouse that stores the physical...
Music and Performance
08 August 2011
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah put me off my food this week. I realised almost immediately that they were a bad choice when I...
Tom Ravenscroft
03 August 2011
I have an abundance of awesome new vibes this week, more than I know what to do with. It can weigh one down, so I'm...
Tom Ravenscroft
20 July 2011
I like Swiftumz -- not just because they sound like they might be one of those tasty children's cold remedies that used...
Tom Ravenscroft
06 July 2011
New songs
04 July 2011
I have a new computer. You might be able tell by how crisp this lettering looks, the way the words bounce with new-...
Tom Ravenscroft
29 June 2011
I may have messed up the Glastonbury Festival, not in the sense of dropping litter -- someone else did that -- but in...