Toby Young is the co-founder of the West London Free School and a columnist for the Sun on Sunday and the Spectator.

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The Staggers
18 April 2012
I was slightly disappointed that Lisa Nandy saw fit to attack the West London Free School in the course of making her...
11 November 2010
Whenever I hear the word "consultation" I want to pull my hair out. Parents and teachers shouldn't be allowed...
20 February 2006
How on earth does Boris Johnson manage it? Like George Bernard Shaw, he seems capable of excelling in half a dozen...
23 June 2003
The last time I was in Los Angeles I met an Old Etonian who told me that having an English accent was like being a...
24 January 2000
Ben Elton is, by all accounts, a very nice man. In the course of researching this profile, I didn't speak to a single...
29 November 1999
As the millennium draws to a close, and journalists busy themselves with compiling lists, it won't come as a...