22 October 2009
On revolution
09 July 2009
Off with their heads
04 June 2009
The row over MPs’ expenses has exposed a deep national sense of alienation from our politicians. But this is...
TV and Radio
21 November 2008
The credits for Peter Flannery's new four-part drama on the English Revolution include a dedicated sex-scene co-...
Human Rights
24 September 2008
Discussion of a new bill of rights, once championed by both Cameron and Brown, has been pushed to the political margins...
14 March 2008
"To anyone who questioned the effectiveness of the loyalty oaths, he repliedthat people who really did owe allegiance...
14 December 2007
On 18 December Sotheby’s New York will auction off the last copy of Magna Carta still in private hands. The seller is...
23 May 2007
On 17th May 1649 three soldiers, Corporal Perkins, Cornet Thompson and Private Church, were executed by firing squad in...