Methodist Minister Croydon Circuit and Free Church Chaplain at the Princes Royal University Hospital Orpington.
Rev Sylvester Deigh has been a minister for 9 years having been Ordained at the Methodist Conference held in Huddersfield in 2000.

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14 June 2007
It has been said that the Methodist Church was born in song. This is largely due to the influence of Charles Wesley. He...
13 June 2007
Methodism as a denomination of the Christian Church developed early in the 18th century through the teachings of John...
12 June 2007
In my previous article I spoke about my faith and how I became a Christian. I ended that article by saying how that was...
11 June 2007
"Tell me the stories of Jesus I love to hear; Things I would ask him to tell me If he were here; Scenes by the wayside...