16 August 2007
Taken from The New Statesman 18 December 1987 Twenty years ago, at the height of Thatcherism, the miniskirt made a...
UK Politics
07 May 2007
Where you end up depends on where you start. The mantra of the Blair decade should have been education, education,...
UK Politics
25 April 2005
  As you would expect, I am sitting in a shrine to Diana. There are loads where I live. They are called Turkish...
31 January 2005
John Harris could not wait, aged 15, to pledge his formal allegiance to "parliamentary socialism": the Labour Party. By...
06 December 2004
I couldn't help but judge this book by its cover. Partly because its title is appropriated from Will Hutton's...
01 November 2004
Reading this book made me very nervous. Sure, I was familiar with the caricature of the neoconservatives as a bunch of...
27 September 2004
So Cherie Blair did good on Richard and Judy. She was warm, earthy and charming. She plugged her book and people took...
19 July 2004
Would you employ Gordon Brown or Charles Clarke as your childminder? Do you trust them to know what is best for you and...
28 June 2004
Rereading the Second Wave
12 April 2004
Until fairly recently, I thought that the need to black out a room entirely was something to do with the Blitz. I was...
01 March 2004
A perfectly packaged would-be feminist.
26 January 2004
There are a lot of stupid people in the world, but Francis Wheen is not one of them. He admirably demonstrates this...
17 March 2003
The extent to which the left as a whole has not come to terms with Margaret Thatcher is evident in three myths that...