Sunder Katwala is director of British Future and former general secretary of the Fabian Society.

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UK Politics
29 January 2009
Even the double-digit Tory poll leads which have plunged Labour into deepening gloom do not settle the next election....
04 September 2008
There is an eerie calm as the new political season creeps into life. A leadership death-match, touted as a near-...
08 May 2008
Poor Boris. He only agreed not to be himself for a couple of months. Now London's new mayor must spend two years as a...
02 May 2008
At least Labour has got the first thing right – not trying to talk up the result. The mood in the Labour Party has been...
27 March 2008
"There are plenty of British Obamas out there, but you will find them in the pulpits and other places of worship, not...
UK Politics
25 January 2008
Labour should not have needed another wake-up call on party funding. Following Peter Hain’s resignation, Gordon Brown...
International Politics
14 January 2008
The world is watching the dramatic US Presidential primaries. But only Americans have a vote. The last eight years have...
11 October 2004
Lord Hutton has published the e-mails; Washington's players have spilled all to Bob Woodward; the story is even played...
UK Politics
05 July 2004
There are many sensible reasons for Tony Blair not to intervene in America's presidential election. He will want to be...