Sunder Katwala is director of British Future and former general secretary of the Fabian Society.

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The Staggers
01 August 2012
The dissonance of "an isle full of noises" was at the heart of Danny Boyle's celebration of the role of...
25 July 2012
Is everyone born abroad somehow not really British?
UK Politics
30 May 2012
Reason isn’t everything in politics.
The Staggers
07 February 2012
It is the constitutional duty of the head of a republican pressure group to provide a dissenting note during the high...
The Staggers
14 January 2011
Ed Miliband is considerably more likely to be the next prime minister than most people have realised.The biggest reason...
The Staggers
27 October 2010
"The question David Cameron was asking through election night was not 'Will we get enough seats to win?' but 'Will...
The Staggers
31 August 2010
The real difference
The Staggers
24 June 2010
England may be the only "90-minute nation" at the World Cup but, with Slovenia vanquished, we get to keep the...
The Staggers
16 June 2010
With the leadership candidates asked for a Labour political hero during the Newsnight debate, we were at least spared...
The Staggers
15 June 2010
Are you now, or have you ever been, a socialist? The Labour leadership candidates all pleaded guilty to quietly...
The Staggers
27 May 2010
With the Labour Party publishing official nominations online as they are made, close Labour watchers will find many MPs...
The Staggers
25 March 2010
I was 16 when Margaret Thatcher fell from power. One of the ways in which she changed the left was to half-convert the...
The Staggers
13 January 2010
Four-point plan
UK Politics
29 January 2009
Even the double-digit Tory poll leads which have plunged Labour into deepening gloom do not settle the next election....